Chengdu Turing Era Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-level "SI PAI Talent" enterprise in Chengdu High-tech Zonewhich is a high-tech enterprise focusing on artificial intelligence algorithm, machine vision, machine learning and Internet of Things technology research, and has long been committed to the research, development, sales and promotion of intelligent robots.The company's core technical team has deep technical accumulation and rich product development experience in communication technology, artificial intelligence algorithm, machine vision, mobile robot, intelligent terminal, Internet of Things technology and other fields.

The company's main product "Intelligent Robot and Cluster Scheduling System Based on Laser SLAM and Vision Fusion -- Spirit Ant Robot" includes three core modules: robot hardware, robot navigation and cluster scheduling system.Through robot, AI, Internet of Things and big data technology to provide commercial services and industrial application of intelligent robot products and solutions, for the hotel, medical, catering, entertainment, supermarket, real estate, government affairs, intelligent manufacturing, warehousing logistics and other industries intelligent power, accelerate the promotion of industrial intelligent upgrading.

Enterprise Vision:Become a respected century-old company Enterprise Mission:Enable AI to intelligentize the industry Team Value:Create value and enjoy it to extremes Work Ethic:Hard work, self-criticism and self-renovation Marketing Concept:Adhering to the user as the center, sell products and services that create value for users Service Concept:Create value by service
Growth Concept:Self-driven, self-learning and self-improvement Talent Concept:Put people first with virtuous Leadership Quality Control Concept: Services-centered and quality-oriented Brand Promotion:Expertise bring up quality Promotion Concept:Promote value by quality  and  win public praise by service Execution Concept:No excuse for execution
At present, The company has a number of self-developed core technology intellectual property rights, including 5 authorized or under application for intellectual property rights of invention patents, 13 utility models, 6 software Copyrights, 10 appearance, 7 brand trademarks of 48 categories.
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National High-tech Enterprise

“SiPai-Talent enterprise” in Chengdu High-tech Zone

Identified as “Software Enterprises” with “Software Products”

GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015

GB/T 24001-2016 idt ISO14001:2015

Chengdu high-tech zone "Golden Panda" talent enterprise

Selected in Chengdu High-tech Zone Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Innovative Product List

Undertake the "Golden Panda Project" of Chengdu High-tech Zone--“Intelligent Robot Based on Machine Vision and Cluster Scheduling -- Spirit Ant Robot”

Selected as the “BLACK TECHNOLOGY” enterprise in Chengdu

Improve working efficiency
Lowcost Reduce labor costs
Multipurpose Multi-scene application
Stable and reliable
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